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Sustainable Energy Alliance
is a woman owned and operated company with strategically positioned offices in USA, Brazil and Norway, providing expertise and local consulting services for clients considering entry into these key energy markets through international collaborative R&D or local business development.
We are an independent team of O&G industry specialists, research scientists and subject matter experts, working to ensure ownership and achievement of Clients’ short- and long-term goals by delivering objective assessments, un-biased recommendations and cost-effective solutions. We assist with all phases of new market entry, company establishment, re-positioning and development, as well as comprehensive, in-depth R&D assessments, program development, planning and execution
throughout the entire
oil & gas value chain.

Specializing in collaborative R&D and strategic international alliances, we work at the preference of each Client; from our offices in Houston, Santa Catarina or Stavanger, or at our Clients’ offices as an integrated part of their team.


Sustainable Energy Alliance
is an executive consulting company committed to delivering safe, sustainable energy solutions, with minimal harm to the environment.

Through stringent technical due diligence our subject matter experts assess and qualify key universities, research institutes, technology and service providers for participation in international collaborative R&D programs for the global energy industry, in close cooperation with international and national energy companies, governments, NGOs and regulatory bodies.

SEA Principal Partners and Subject Matter Experts are recognized leaders and industry veterans bringing on board an average of more than 30 years of hands-on experience.

SEA uses adaptive strategic sourcing and dynamic strategic planning, independent key knowledge consultants and cohesive global project teams to deliver according to Client specific needs and preferences,
for short- or long-term engagements.