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integrated project management
company establishment
technology strategy process  

Local Agent – Company Representation
Assistance with all phases of company establishment and development

Initial Assessment of Company Products and Services

  • Identify where in the value chain they belong, potential customers and partners, main competitors, strength and weaknesses, market size and value proposition 

Review of Company’s Proposed Value Proposition and the Effectiveness of Current Marketing Material

  • Identify their competitive edge/differentiator i.e. what makes them unique and a better choice for their targeted customer than the customer’s current supplier

Prioritize and Rank Business Opportunities and Customers

  • Evaluate pros and cons relative to size and timing of business opportunities
  • Make vs. Buy Analysis, Current and Future Capability Mapping, Proximity to Markets, Logistics, Strategic Supply Chain Management and Adaptive Sourcing, Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances or Partnership Opportunities

Development of Market and Customer Specific Marketing Material

Phase 1 - Draft Initial Marketing/Profiling Plan (1-3 years)

  • Includes proposal for participation in conferences, workshops and networking events through either giving presentations, sponsorships, “Lunch & Learn” or “local presence” for multi-level personal network building

Phase 2 - Refine and Implement Initial Marketing/Profiling Plan (1-3 years)

  • Prepare complete schedule of industry events with specific plans for role and level of engagement at each event + expected outcome/results from specific participation, budget, time frame, roles & responsibilities, and assignment of who does what/when
  • Enrollment, follow-up, preparation of presentation material, booth/stand, set-up and management, summary of event activities and proposed follow-up for optimal ROI.

Assist and Facilitate Development of Strategy and Operational Plans

  • Work directly with the CEO and leadership team to ensure ownership and achievement of the company’s short-and long-term objectives


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