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Multi-Cultural, Cross-Functional
Collaborative Research and Technology Developments

  • The SEA Team of R&D Specialists, Subject Matter Experts and O&G
    Industry Veterans identify and address Clients' key technology challenges,
    provide options for cost-effective development of solutions; design, manage,
    and deliver commercially focused, multi-discipline, integrated R&D programs
    between leading international universities, suppliers, operators and governments

  • Safety, health and environmental assessments and planning is conducted by
    project team members under the leadership and guidance of subject matter experts
    and long-time industry practitioners

  • Quality assurance, risk and dynamic mitigation planning is developed by SEA
    industry experts in collaboration with local specialists for end-to-end integration
    into all program activities, in compliance with international standards and local
    regulatory requirements, implemented and managed under the supervision of
    SEA industry experts upon Client approval

  • Option based end-to-end program development and capability mapping, strategic
    supply chain optimization and performance management is delivered using the
    highly effective SEA developed ' Peak Performance Coaching and Innovation Leadership Program '

  • Development of Strategic Alliances and Technology Partnerships include:

    - Assessments of complementary skills, capabilities and capacity of potential
    academia and industry partners mapped against the specific technology challenges, needs and requirements of the Client

    - Development of partnership agreements; clearly defining the vision, goals, benefits
    and specific objectives of the overall collaboration and R&D Program

    - Design and delivery of effective workshops for development of internal and external
    stakeholder engagement and management plans incl. marketing and investor relations

    - Development of mutually agreed operating models, governance principles, exit
    strategies and commercial terms incl. ownership and user rights of mutually developed
    processes, procedures, models, prototypes and intellectual property, external
    communication and marketing of the relationship, intermediate and final results

Relevant Experience and Know-How

  • 20- year Minimum Oil & Gas Specific Subject Matter Expertise and Global Industry Experience from Royal Dutch Shell, Statoil, BG Group, ConocoPhilips, ExxonMobil, Seawell, a number of O&G technology and supplier start-up companies, universities and research institutes, JVs, JIPs, strategic technology alliances and as working members of executive company boards

  • 30+ years Continuous Solutions Delivery and Hands-on R&D to Shell E&P:
    - Research laboratory/facility design, development and management
    - Prototype and pilot developments, field testing, planning and execution
    - Engineering, manufacturing, field-specific implementation, patenting and commercialization of new technology


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